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Home Care Guide for Influenza (Reproduced with permission from the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Pandemic Influenza Plan)

Office of Personnel Management Pandemic Influenza 2009: Additional Guidance

Hurricane Season Fact Sheet

NFC's concept of operations is to deploy a limited staff in advance of known disaster events in order to provide continued service to our customers, although at a minimum service level during the disaster event. Our plan calls for us to deploy employees to the Alternate Work Site (AWS) prior to closure of the NFC facility. The deployed staff will assume operational responsibilities (simultaneously with the closure of the NFC facility) and will perform limited services until either full deployment to the AWS is required or reconstitution of operations back at the NFC facility is accomplished.

For more information, please see the Fact Sheet for Hurricane Season.

A decision on Antonio Conte's Tottenham future is set to be made soon, with a growing sense it will be difficult for him to continue as head coach following his outburst after Saturday's 3-3 draw at Southampton.

Sources close to Conte insist he did not speak out on Saturday because he wants Tottenham to sack him. Instead, his comments reflected what he has felt for a long time and he did not intend to attack the players or the board.

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